Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

“Eat less, move more.” When it comes to weight loss, few pieces of advice are repeated more than this one. The equation couldn’t be simpler, but the reality of attaining and sustaining a healthy weight is often far more complicated.

Weight gain is a gradual process that takes place over many months or years. It involves a combination of intersecting physiological, psychological and environmental factors, making it all but impossible to prescribe a one-size-fits-all solution. The effects of carrying extra pounds are similarly varied — depending on the person, excess weight can mean reduced energy, disrupted sleep, low mood, lack of motivation, aches and pains, hormonal disruptions or increased risk for serious health conditions like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

A personalized medical weight loss plan can help you get back on track. With a complete picture of your unique health concerns, symptoms and goals, we design a customized plan and help you make constructive lifestyle changes that restore your ability to maintain a healthy body weight. Request an appointment at Uthology today to get started.

Medical Weight Loss
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Plan your treatment

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Understanding the Challenges of Weight Loss

Understanding the Challenges of Weight Loss

In the most basic terms, weight gain occurs when the energy taken in from food exceeds the energy expended through bodily processes and physical activity. Trying to consume fewer calories and exercise more often may sound like a winning approach, but in practice, “eat less, move more” is vague, impersonal and frequently doomed to fail.

The truth is that the causes of weight gain are diverse and complex. In addition to high calorie consumption and a sedentary lifestyle, weight can be affected by hormonal imbalances, a slowing metabolism, health conditions like hypothyroidism, medication use, high stress, depression, chronic lack of sleep, genetics and many other factors. Successful weight management requires recognizing your unique roadblocks to weight loss and developing a plan for addressing them.

For many people, this is not achievable without professional guidance. A medical weight loss plan offers personalized, science-backed and comprehensive strategies that make weight loss not just possible, but sustainable.

Weight Loss vs. Medical Weight Management

Medical weight loss refers to the management of fitness, diet, supplementation, treatments and healthy behaviors conducted by a medical professional. These programs often include comprehensive medical diagnostics and testing to monitor a patient’s starting health status and the physiological shifts they experience during the course of the program. While medical weight loss programs and self-managed weight loss programs have the same essential goal, physician-guided programs focus on evidence-based methods and have a much higher success rate.

With Uthology’s medical weight loss program, our patients can:

  • Lose fat without losing muscle
  • Manage diabetes
  • Lose inches overall
  • Enjoy lowered blood pressure and improved cholesterol levels
  • Improve the tone and definition of their physique
  • Learn strategies for long-term weight loss
  • Increase their energy and metabolism
  • Gain a better self-image and improved confidence
  • Relieve joint pain from excess weight
  • Improve their overall well-being
  • Lower the risk of heart disease

Is Our Program Right for You?

Uthology’s medical weight loss program may be right for you if you are ready to better your health by making significant, permanent changes to your lifestyle. It may not be right for you if you’re looking for a crash diet that only provides short-term results via unsustainable, and often unhealthy, methods.

Our program is likely a good fit for you if:

  • You are 18 or older
  • Your weight impacts how you feel about yourself
  • Your weight is causing health problems
  • You are ready to make a change
  • You are willing to modify your diet and physical activity
  • You are willing to commit time and energy to taking care of your health
Your Initial Visit to Uthology

Your Initial Visit to Uthology

During your first visit to our functional medicine clinic, we will take a comprehensive medical history, perform a physical exam and conduct a variety of tests to confirm your eligibility for our weight loss program. We will examine your metabolism, lifestyle, past successes and failures, nutrition, fitness, hormone levels and other markers through a combination of verbal discussion and blood tests. We will also use SECA’s hospital-grade body composition analyzer to gather additional information about what’s going on beneath the surface of your body.

The Uthology team will take the time to get to know you and identify your unique needs and goals. This thorough consultation will form the foundation of your customized weight loss plan.

A Weight Loss Plan Tailored to You

Our objective is to design a comprehensive weight loss program that gives you every possible advantage in the quest for a healthier life. Your personal plan may include any of the following:

  • Personalized Diet and Exercise Guidance
    Diet and exercise modifications are the first line of defense when it comes to losing weight. As a participant in our weight loss program, you will develop a greater understanding of your individual nutritional needs and fitness requirements.
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
    Hormones play various roles in weight management, including fat storage, muscle mass maintenance, appetite regulation and energy for physical activity. If hormonal imbalances are part of your weight loss challenges, BHRT can bring your body back into balance and peak physiological functionality.
  • Medical-Grade Weight Loss Catalysts and Appetite Suppressants
    Currently, there are several FDA-approved medications that assist with weight loss by decreasing your appetite or helping you feel full for longer. These medications are most effective when used as one component of a comprehensive weight management program, not as a substitute for diet and exercise
  • Vitamin and Metabolism-Boosting Injections
    If you’re missing key nutrients needed to maintain a healthy body, vitamin injections can be used to supplement your nutrition plan. Including lipotropic compounds — which contain nutrients that may boost metabolism and improve fat burning — can provide additional support for your weight loss goals.
  • IV Therapy
    IV therapy makes sure your body has the nourishment it requires for peak performance. Our weight loss IV infusion includes a blend of fluids, vitamins, minerals and lipotropics. Together, these ingredients can help burn fat, accelerate your metabolism and increase your energy levels.
  • Peptide Therapy
    Peptides are chains of amino acids that occur naturally in the human body. Peptide therapy uses peptides to trigger specific reactions within the body, such as reducing body fat, reducing inflammation, increasing muscle mass or accelerating workout recovery.

Discover Lasting Health With Our Medical Weight Loss Program in Waukesha, WI

Uthology’s weight loss program isn’t just designed to help you lose weight. Most importantly, you will gain the knowledge you need to continue weight loss after the program has concluded. We can help you build healthy daily habits and learn to deal with challenging situations in a positive way, so you’re more likely to keep weight off long-term. Contact Uthology today at 262-696-9868 or schedule an consultation and start making changes that will last for life.

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Discover Lasting Health With Our Medical Weight Loss Programin Waukesha, WI